SCF: 73-A,Grain Market,Sector 26

Economy Series :: AQUA
Applications Specifications: AQUA Series:

  • Power:Mains Adapter/Battery
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Delivery Time:24/48hrs
Capacity Range 3000g - 30kg
Taring range To Capacity by substraction
Repeatability 1 divisions
Linearity ±0.002
Calibration Digital with external weight.
Balance Weight 5kg Approx
Pan Size 237mm x 197mm
Display Type 0.8" Bright red LED display. Option for VFD green LED display
Stabalization 2 seconds
Power 9V DC Adaptor / built in 6V4Ah battery for backup to 35hrs.
Operating Temp. 50° to 98° F / 10° to 45° C
Dimensions 336 x 462 x 105 (w x d x h) excluding pole
A new generation, portable, splash-proof weighing scale with a choice of models to suit standard 15000 division range and high precision 60,000 division scales. With a stainless steel pan as standard, the compact AQUA series digital splash-proof scale has adjustable levelling feet and built in battery making it a highly portable scale. These Splash-proof Weighing Scales are Suitable for a wide range of weighing applications from food service, laboratory and industrial to warehouse, office and education.


Economy Series :: Smart Series
Applications Specifications: Smart Series:

  • Red bright LED display.
  • 24 bit ∑ - Δ ADC (High resolution).
  • Feather touch membrane keyboard with audible indication during entry.
Capacity Range 3 kg,6 kg,10 kg,20 kg,2 kg,5 kg
ACCURACY 0.5 g,1.0 g,2.0 g,0.05 g,0.1 g
215 x 185 mm,215 x 185 mm,215 x 185 mm,215 x 185 mm,215 x 185 mm,215 x 185 mm
Display Type
Bright RED LED dual display. Customer side display on the back of the scale.
190 x 258 x 71 (w x d x h)
Extra display ( at the back side of the scale or rod type display). ABS bowl (310 x 230 mm). 6 V, 1.2 AH rechargeable SMF battery.Indications for A.C. On, Nett/Gross weight, Zero, Battery, Battery low & Count mode. Display intensity adjustable for longer battery backup. Counting function. Memory accumulation.


Economy Series :: Steel Body Scale
Applications Specifications: Steel Body Scale:

  • Advanced Micro-Controller Based Design
  • In built battery back-up
  • Bright LED display
Capacity Range 10kg x 30kg
MODEL TWT 10 k,TWT 20 k,TWT 30 k,TWT 40 k
100 mg.,100/200 mg.,200/500 mg.,500 mg.
Our range of table top scales is widely appreciated in the market for their accuracy and steady performance. These scales have front as well as rear displays along with in-built charger for battery back-up. We also offer tailor made scales that are fabricated as specified by the clients. These table top scales are widely used in provision stores, bakeries and sweet shops for weighing.


Economy Series :: Mini Scale
Applications Specifications: Mini Scale:

  • Power:Mains Adapter/Battery
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Delivery Time:24/48hrs
Capacity Range 3000g -6000g
Readability 0.1g~1g
Taring range To Capacity by substraction
2 divisions
Linearity ±0.002
Display Type
0.8" Bright red LED display
Weighing Units gram, kg
Pan Size
100mm x 100mm
Power 9V AC Adaptor / built in battery for backup to 25hrs.
190 x 230 x 265 (w x d x h) - including pole.
Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the SMART Mini continues to provide most economical solution to your weighing needs. Featuring easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display and multiple weighing units the MINI is the portable balance for you!